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macpcsolutionz.com offers a wide range ofservices focusing on Mac and IOS devices. Even if you don’t see what you’re looking for on this site,  and we can point you in the right direction. 

Onsite services or remotely over the internet worldwide available 24/7

We try to get your machine back to you as quickly as possible as we know it's a major inconvenience for you, we NEVER tell you your machine is ready until we have done and checked everything to see that it is clean and free of viruses. We always get your computer back to normal, so if we should need more time to work on it than what's expected then that's what we will do.

Our work is guaranteed and we try to make your experience with us as hassle-free for you as we possibly can.



Just check our eBay feedback - Unlike our competitors, our performance is not masked by the sales of parts or accessories - we only repair laptops- thats it!

We are The Laptop Rescuer.

Why repair my motherboard if I can get a new motherboard for the same price?:

What happens if you cannot repair my motherboard?

Q. May I keep my hard drive?
A. Yes. We understand that data is confidential and valuable to you. We will use our hard drive to test your computer. Keep in mind if your hard drive was damaged when your laptop died your laptop may not work when it is re-installed. If you choose to send your hard drive with your laptop, we will not touch your data

Q. Do I need to send in my AC adapter ?
A. Yes, it is better to send the adapter with the computer so that we can validate it is working normally.

Q. How do I pay?
A. You pay when the repair is complete. We will call you to confirm shipping address and set up a private eBay auction.

Q. Can I just send the motherboard only?
A. No, we cannot offer our 3 months warranty if we don't have your laptop to test that it is back up and working normally.

Q. What if you can't fix my computer?
A. If we deem your motherboard is not repairable then we do not charge for our attempted repair.

Q. How long does it take to repair?
A. Most repairs requiring a single chip replacement normally take 5-7 business days. However a repair can take several weeks if the MB has several issues requiring multiple chip replacements. Unfortunately, the diagnostic tests can only detect one chip issue at a time. We offer same day services for power jack and LCD repair IF we have the replacement part in stock.

Q. Who pays to ship the laptop in?
A. You are responsible for shipping your laptop in at all times.